5 Things Cause Decreased Sex Drive

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Many couples after years of declining many sex drive. Decreased sex drive is usually caused by a number of physical error in our body. Sometimes couples complain about a sex. The reason couple is reluctant to have intercourse with a partner can be a conflict, stress, depresion, refrain from intimacy for a long time, a physical kasus or not maintaining a good relationship.

Here are some  cause of decreased sex drive

1.  Fatigue and lack of sleep

If you are very tired and just sleep for six hours or less, the urge to have sex then it will go down. According to sleep experts, chronic sleep deprivation can lower testosferone level causing reluctant to have intercouse.

2. Snore

If your partner snores loudly, it is not only can disturb your sleep, but will also reduce sexual desire. Obstructive sleep is a condition that causes gila breathing throughout the night so that voice loud snoring. This kasus not only causes lack of sleep, but it can also affect your sex life. If you or your partner is expriencing problems, consult to your doctor to treat it.

3. Badmood or stress

Badmood or synonyms stress is one of the common causes of decline in a person sex drive. Because the pressure at work, a fight with a couple or poor quality of sleep can cause you stress. It can also reduce your libido in the long run, lead to diabetes, and high blood pressure.

4. Weight Gain

If your weight increases dramatically, can inhibit your sex drive. This is because fat cells alter the balance of sex hormones in your body. Dr Bhonsle adds fat people do not feel confident about themselves when in bed and face the teribble body image problems and feel tired all the time, so that they would be inhibited sexual desire.

5. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Regardless of medical conditions, people who are addicted to smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages have a lower incentive to make love. While those who live a healthier life without cigarettes and alcoholic beverages will be better and more active physically and mentally as well as result in their sex drive has increased.